Times up, let’s go. All that we know…

Today I think I had the sweariest bus driver in London. I think there were about 14 ‘fuck’s’ and 5 ‘wankers’ I was the only one on the bus too so at first I thought he was talking to me then he yelled “Sorry ’bout this sweetheart, there’s a load of twats out there tonight.” Fair Enough.

Found some great interviews:

1:00 ???????

1:05 – 1:07 I LOVE YOUR FACE

And it was two frogs as well. It was like a wife and a husband and they were going home and he trod on one of them and the other one was really gutted.

2:31 say what now? TEASE  TEASE Are you boys describing each other cos…………


No offense – he’s quite boring but he gets a plus for drinking Strongbow



Check out the Last Shadow Puppets destroying a fence.. 


Rou you shoulda kept your hair like that..you look kinda hot


I wanna hear them covering Akon



I gotta hand it to them they were good enough to do interviews after what happened – in fact they played with their set where as other acts cough*50cent*cough ran off stage. Look at Ryan! he looks like a little hippy who’s wandered into the wrong band.

*pets him and sends him off to MGMT*


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