Buses suck, Why airbrush perfection? And an All Time Blow

Did I ever mention I hate public transport. Bus journey home this morning was not enjoyable I think they managed to fill the W7 with undesirables. Guy in front of me picking his ear wax, lady across wiping her nose on her hand and then a heifer sits next to me. She stinks of Shepherds Pie. Grim Grim Grim.

In lovelier news, Lostprophets have unveiled the artwork for new album The Betrayed (January 4th get IN)

So I’m loving this but…..

Look. LOVE the logo. Lightningy darky thing made of win but I’m sorry WTF is with the pictures of the boys?

Airbrushed much? Stu, Lee and Jamie look alright. Mike looks a bit weird and fuck knows what they did to Ian he looks barely recognisable. IDK something’s off…



Here’s something i made earlier. New album artwork, UK version. http://bit.ly/1dySKV If you don’t like it then you are a cunt. x


Then he posted this:

Actually, on further inspection i have realised that, thats not actually the right artwork. Gotta love record label incompetence.



It’s beside the point anyway because this album is going to be off the charts.

There’s a track by track review on MetalHammer RIGHT HERE that confirms what us fans have hoped. The Betrayed is going back to the roots baby! This is going to be darker, harder and metallier. Much more fakesoundofprogress and Start Something than the poppier sound of last album Liberation Transmission. It’s been four years since LT and a complete discarded attempt at one record so I think that the band mean SRS BSNS! I for one, can’t. fucking. wait.

Here’s a taster:

Now from a band I love, to a band I loathe

All Time Low – Never has a band name been more apt.

Normally, if I dislike a band I’ll just ignore them. Sadly, with these dicks, that’s not easy. Their fecking everywhere. I actually quite liked their first video ( couldn’t stand the song but that’s about it ) now I wish them to fuck off.

The latest video ‘ I’m damned if I do you, damned if I don’t’ is such a blatant rip off.

“We’re a pop -punk band, let’s film a video based on a fake chat show and make it a bit controversial. Oooh that’s never been done before….”

Oh I beg to differ…

The sublimely superior You Me At Six. I luff these boys 🙂 Luff this vid and the rip off by All Time Low is just laughable.

Hell ATL’s lead ‘Singer’ is even a fugly version of Josh Franceschi.



So, How’ve you been..

I had a blog which I really enjoyed updating but for some epic fail reasons I can’t remember how to log in. In the end I decided just to make a new one.

This’ll be the same sort of thing: Reviews, music, movies, pretty pics, ramblings…you know the score.


On my mind at this second is..BON JOVI ARE ON THE X FACTOR TONIGHT!

I know, I know. They’ll never be the coolest band in the world but the best Guilty Pleasure-  surely! I reckon everyone out there has at least one Bon Jovi song they love –  at least. Also, at some point in your life, you will have been absolutely wasted singing/dancing/shouting along to this:

The 80’s, people. THE 80’s!!

Of course I can’t mention Bon Jovi without mentioning this:

You know you want to watch it again!

So that will pretty much be my only reason for watching X-Factor tonight cos, well it’s getting a bit shit. Last night was supposedly ‘Rock Night’. Joe opened the show singing ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ – and it peaked there. We had Lucie absolutely murdering Sweet Child O Mine (Did you know Lucie is from a small village in Wales? Not that they mention it…) Danyl “I’m so humble” Johnson’s nerves got the better of him and he sounded like a 13 year old boy who’s voice was breaking through I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing. (I say his nerves got the better of him, I think he might have finally realised that the public aren’t warming to an arrogant bully) 

Lloyd gave us a rendition of that legendary rock classic… I Kissed A Girl. Lloyd, you’re very pretty, and um…no that’s it. Stacey sang some dirge by Keane. KEANE? Since when were they rock? I don’t know what genre they are, oh wait yes I do: Utter Shite. Jamie did his usual karaoke pub routine, *yawn* Rachel did summat by U2, IDK she is blander than bland. Olly slightly saved the show with a spirited rendition of Come Together. I like that boy.

Then there’s John and Edward. If you unfamiliar with the Grimes twins, then allow me to share with you their performance from last night (PS: It’s supposed to be We Will Rock You)

“Freddie Mercury turning in his grave” does not even begin to cover it…..

I can’t believe these monstrosities are still in the competition. People are saying things like “Oh. but they’re fun” “They’re entertaining.”

No, No they are not.

I know the X-Factor is not a serious competition. It’s produced one good star (Leona Lewis) but there does need to be a level of quality. It makes me mad to think of all the truly talented people who got kicked to the kerb for these two. They’re all over the papers. If I have to see any more pictures of the greasy little cretins gurning out at us in their pants, I may just vomit.

Rant Over. Let’s look at something adorable.

Baby Prophet!

Lee  posted this on his twitter


The most adorable  family ever!

I think Daniyal is my new favourite celeb baby. He’s going to be a proper RAWK STAR when he grows up !


Finally, hope everyone had an awesome Halloween last night. I watched Saw V. I’ve seen scarier episodes of Scooby Do…Review to come.








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