Movie Review: Saw V


Released: 24 October 2008

Director: David Hackl

Cast: Tobin Bell (Jigsaw/John Kramer) Costas Mandylor (Mark Hoffman) Scott Patterson (Agent Peter Strahm) Julie Benz (Brit) Meagan Good (Luba) Mark Rolston (Dan) Carlo Rota (Charles)

In the fifth installment of the SAW franchise, Hoffman is seemingly the last person alive to carry on the Jigsaw legacy. But when his secret is threatened, Hoffman must go on the hunt to eliminate all loose ends.



So I really like the first Saw movie. It was original, gruesome, gritty and had a great twist. Sadly, the franchise went  downhill from there in terms of storyline and writing, but the films were still great due to the ingenious traps which I love.
 (Yes, I’m twisted, yes it has been pointed out, no I don’t need therapy thanks.)
This film, however, I struggled with. To put it bluntly – I’ve seen scarier episodes of Scooby Doo.
Where are we. It turns out: Detective Hoffman has been Jigsaw’s apprentice…FROM THE VERY BEGINNING
dun dun DUN.
Laziest twist ever. Lazy seems to be the go-to word for this film. I swear half of it was made up of flashbacks to previous installments.
The film starts out with some – yep flashbacks – and shows us this years bunch of ‘victims’. I say ‘victims’, all of them are so hopelessly unlikeable that you have to applaud Jigsaw for his choice of numbskulls to torture. You actually find yourself excited for the blades to start swinging and the blood to start flowing from these cretins. (Including Darla from Buffy and Morris from 24)
Th first trap is pretty neat. I approved of this. The rest of them? What a letdown! Stupid, boring and entirely uncreative. Jigsaw must have been having an off day.
Agent Strahm, who shall be re-christened Agent Exposition, literally wanders round the whole film talking to himself out loud so the audience knows what’s going on. Slick move, writers! The poor guy becomes the patsy in the end when in another “shocking twist” Jigsaw and Hoffman set him up to take the fall.
So the Famous Five get knocked off one by one. More down to stupidity than anything else. Darla from Buffy and Junkie Man are the last two standing and realise – OMG! They were suppose to work together! Then they all would have survived!
Tut tut – shoulda listened to jigsaw people – He did try and tell you.
To summarise: Saw started off as an exciting new franchise. Jigsaw is a complex character, and his psychologies brought us some of the best moral debates to be had on film. The traps were clever and shocking and the tone dirty and grimy – perfect.
At this stage, Five films in the franchise has become a mockery. IMO They need to bring back original writer/director team Leigh Whannel and James Wan. (Leigh also played Adam in the first film)
A young talented pair. Actually, scrap that – let them go on to have a good career.
Saw VI has just been released. Yes, I will be watching it, but by the time Saw XVI comes round I think I’ll be ready to offer myself up for one of the traps…..



Total Film Essay:
The story behind Torture Porn
(This is very interesting if you’re a freak like me)
Also, was looking for something to watch at 3am this morning and I came across this:
Scream Queens
It’s a reality show. Basically there are 10 girls competing to be the next ‘Scream Queen’. Incidently, the prize is a role in the next Saw film. It’s hosted by Shawnee Smith (who I do actually love a bit)
and judged by James Gunn and John Homa.
It’s total trash of course but I’m interested to see what they get the girls to do. Last night the had to recreate a scene from the film Slither!
Finally, say what you want about the films, this is one of the best scores ever
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